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Unique end-to-end solutions the catalyst for client competitiveness

At Imperial, we improve our clients’ competitiveness through customising our experience in outsourced value chain management.  Our diverse experience and expansive capabilities extend from procurement to brand activation, and include all the logistics services in between.  As a result, Imperial Logistics is the only company that can take materials and products from their original source - via manufacturing - to the end-consumer point of sale. “Get me there; sell my product; build my brand” is the way we describe our integrated, end-to-end value proposition.

Our strategy is fortified by our position as a leading distributor of FMCG, pharma, liquor, tobacco and general merchandise products - through which Imperial has the unique capability to “sell my product”.  The strategy is further augmented in the brand conscious African market by our brand activation services - the capability to “build my brand” which provide the ability to “pull’ products through the value chain to the end consumer.  We accordingly have a proud track record of building the brands of our consumer products and automotive principals.  

Imperial’s distributor capabilities, strengthened with order-to-cash and merchandising services, are combined with brand activation and promotion capabilities to offer demand-driven route-to-market solutions to leading consumer brand owners. With a focus on “feet on the ground”, we have the ability to add significant value to our clients’ brands - whilst contributing to employment creation, training and skills development across Africa. Read more

We continue to leverage the infinite opportunities of the African market

Our burgeoning African footprint is testament to our strategy of assisting clients in benefiting from the mass consumerisation of Africa - working alongside them in executing their plans to enter into and grow within the regional clusters of the sub-Saharan African market.  We minimize the risk and complexity of doing business in Africa through our unrivalled understanding of the dynamic and ever expanding demands of the African consumer, as well as a profound comprehension of the continent’s unique challenges.  Extensive and longstanding local expertise and experience - developed over a number of years through our hands on approach - enables us to competently configure clients’ route to market strategies.

To support our growth aspirations, we will continue to add to our enviable footprint in Africa - entering new industries and further extending our value-chain offering.  To make this possible, we will leverage existing skills and expertise; partner with others where necessary; and acquire relevant capabilities.  In the exciting African market, Imperial Logistics is a “co-collaborator” - working with its clients to unlock their competitive advantage.

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