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Newsflash 73: SASTALC Chairmans Report

SASC – SASTALC Chairmans Report delivered by Andre Botha at the AGM - 24 March 2015

When I look back at the year that has passed, I cannot but recognise the changes that have happened in the period. The period marked the end of a short term strategy that was set by the previous chairman, board and executive, based on the mandate of the council that was ready to change. The short term strategy was to prepare the council for transformation and future growth and a new way of interacting with members and stakeholders in the supply chain and logistics environment as well as to expand our horizons from South Africa to Southern Africa.


In the last year we bade farewell to our previous chairman, Dirk Nell and our pervious part-time executive director Dr Beverly Waugh. Dirk and Beverly worked unselfishly and contributed many hours of hard work. The passion to give to the council and the supply chain and logistic industry kept them moving forward. I would like to recognise Dirk and Bev and the other members for their contribution and hard work that lead us to where we are today. The membership in the council in the last year had a positive growth and membership is expanding from break bulk, bulk to fast moving consumer goods, even the citrus fruit industry became members.

We can now tongue in the cheek say “Brenda reaped the fruit of her hard labour”.The council has signed collaboration agreements with other councils for the purpose to share and understand all the successes in order to take the council to new heights. The council had various engagements with private sector, the public sector and contributed to discussion and comments on legislation and tariff increases. Our last item was to change the “who we were” into “who we will become” and with that, the last chapter in the book of the South African Shippers Council was ended. Where we stand today is the dawn of a new era.

An adapted quote from the Cherokee tribe by Harper Lee “You never really know a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes” has made me positively question the unknown of other side. Fitting with the new growth strategy and the theme of Innovation and Collaboration we believe we can positively influence the Supply Chain and Logistics environment. With an understanding of all the modes of transport and the legislative environment guiding us, we will be in a position to contribute to shippers, cargo owners, service providers and the governmental bodies to ensure that best Southern African economy can prevail. What will this year entail.

Despite the downturn in the economy that effected the funding ability from our sponsors and members, we will within the budget roll out the longer term strategy. We will remain focussed on the engagements between industry and government. We will facilitate and establish the collaboration between private and public sector. We will be the port of call should Government need to ask the industry “guide me” and Industry, rest assure, we will with your trust “guide” the listening ear to create wealth in Southern Africa.

What does this mean for the people? Collaboration and innovation can lead to greater efficiency that can drive down cost. This can ensure the affordability for the ones who need it the most. Us the people of this land. I call on everyone present to take the challenge, that when you enter your office door in the morning, to stand and think, “What can I do? How can I collaborate in the supply and logistics chain. Think innovatively to help Southern Africa” Around the table of the Southern Africa Shippers, Transport and Logistics council there is a seat reserved for you and your voice. Let us take hands this year and make a change through the council in lives of the individuals the industry, private sector, public sector and even assist our government.

Let us proclaim a mind changing year in supply chain and logistics With innovation and collaboration, Southern Africa will serve the world competitively and influence it positively

Event Presentations

Alex SmithThe macroeconomic outlook for Sub-Saharan Africa and South Africa Presented by Alex Smit, Economist: FNB Alex began his career in the financial markets, working as an investment analyst at BJM, (which has subsequently become FNB Securities) providing macro research to the chief investment officer. He later moved to the economics department of FNB, where he currently works under the chief economist Sizwe Nxedlana. Alex is completing a masters degree in economics through the University of Johannesburg.

Thank you to Alex for the insightful presentation. Herewith please find a copy of the presentation deck for reference or if you were unable to attend.

Download the presentation

Youth Chamber of Shipping in Africa

The council was invited to participate in a career expo by the Youth Chamber of Shipping in Africa. We would like to congratulate the directors of YCSA for a job well done and for this wonderful initiative that creates awareness of careers within the maritime discipline to the youth. It was an honour to attend this event, where our CEO Brenda Horne-Ferreira was presiding as chair of the proceedings of the day. This event was graced by the presence of Deputy Minister of Higher Education Mr Mduduzi Comfort Manana who in his drive and passion for youth development, gave a key note address to the youth in attendance.

Read more: Youth Chamber of Shipping in Africa


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